Divine right for a spiritual health care choice

A friend wrote to me yesterday that Merrill Matthews has an op-ed in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal on why Obama should drop the Health Care individual mandate.  My friend reported that in this article he says that justice – or the deciding of individual liberty! – is “a crapshoot” because of the composition of the Supreme Court. As if justice is somehow absent?! He then puts forth another proposition in the form of a compromise by two Senators and goes on to say that this, of course, is an attempt to hide the real issue – which is man’s individual liberty! Finally, without individual liberty are there “States’ rights?”

I replied to my friend that we are in agreement on the point that individual liberty is fundamental to “States’ rights” and must be the leading edge of civil liberty and justice for all to choose a system of health care that has proven reliable and is results based. We must not be required to pay for or comply with a Federal individual mandate or accept compromise which cannot serve this end!

In my case this form of Health Care is spiritual as taught and practiced by Christ Jesus and fully revealed by Mary Baker Eddy in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. As a Christian Scientist, I believe that divine justice is not subject to dilution, division or a belief of dualism. Mary Baker Eddy states in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “Mortal Man has his appeal to Spirit, God, who sentences only for sin. The false and unjust beliefs of your human mental legislators compel them to enact wicked laws of sickness and so forth, and then render obedience to these laws punishable as crime. In the presence of the Supreme Lawgiver, standing at the bar of Truth, and in accordance with the divine statutes, I repudiate the false testimony of Personal Sense. I ask that he be forbidden to enter against Mortal Man any more suits to be tried at the Court of Material Error. I appeal to the just and equitable decisions of divine Spirit to restore to Mortal Man the rights of which he has been deprived” (p. 440: 20-32).

I believe that it is man’s divine right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness expressed in States’ rights and our individual liberty for a spiritual health care choice.

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