I just finished reading Gary Stern’s blog post from yesterday.  His blog is called “Blogging Religiously” and the post is titled:  “Trying to get the atheists out of the closet.”  Gary talks about his meeting a few years ago with David Silverman who is now President of American Atheists.  The American Atheists are the group who paid good money to let everyone on the Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel know that:  You KNOW it’s a Myth.  Which got me thinking a bit.  Since they hung the billboard up in Jersey were they trying to let the folks over there know that it was a myth that New York is better than New Jersey?   If that were the case I might agree with them.  There are actually some very nice parts of NJ.   NO, we all know by now that the ALLEGED myth is The Nativity or the birth of Jesus.  Under the you know it’s a myth section it reads:  This Season Celebrate REASON.  BTW I love the subtle use of all caps in the words MYTH and REASON.  So given the fact I was online I went right to (a little product placement for them) and looked up the word REASON but in all small letters. Interesting…!  Reason—sound judgment; good sense.  So now this is a good time to let you know three things.  First I am a student of Christian Science.  Second I am a bit confused.  Because as a student of Christian Science I thought I was using sound judgment and good sense relying on God for healing, answers, strength and what I consider my witty sense of humor amongst many other things.  Number three and what I consider most important is that there is good news here.  The good news is both the Atheists and myself are after the same thing.  Huh?  Yup.  We are both after sound judgment and good reason.  This is what I call COMMON GROUND!  And I’m all for that, finding COMMON GROUND with people of ALL FAITHS.  And if we practice the GOLDEN RULE or your version of being a MENSH we should all pretty much just get along this holiday season or this month of December for those that don’t believe there is a holiday this season.  In closing if they were to hang a sign on the New York side of the Lincoln Tunnel they might want to choose some more urban and hip signage.  It might read:

Don’t BELIEVE the HYPE…There Is A GOD!

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3 Responses to Don’t BELIEVE the HYPE…

  1. Nate Ouderkirk says:

    Word, bro. Funny and fun!

  2. Felice Meyer says:

    Interesting that Mary Baker Eddy wrote the following – kind of ties in with the sentiments of Adam’s blog, which I interpret to be – let each person follow his/her own “reason”. The confusion among the “non-believers”, as well as “believers”, I think, lies in poor definitions of God, not God Him/Herself. These are what really offend a lot of people. When God is understood, even a little bit and by the simplest or sophisticated thinker — as Adam points out – there emerges such common ground, a unity!! Go, Reason!!

    “Truth crushed to earth springs spontaneously upward, and whispers to the breeze man’s inalienable birthright – Liberty. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” God is everywhere. No crown nor sceptre nor rulers rampant can quench the vital heritage of freedom – man’s right to adopt a religion, to employ a physician, to live or to die according to the dictates of his own rational conscience and enlightened understanding.” Mary Baker Eddy, First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany. 128:9-17

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