A celebration of the Why and What of the Science of the Christ!

A celebration of the Why and What of the Science of the Christ!

As a Christian Scientist the question asked is why do I believe that God heals scientifically or rephrased is there a science of the Christ that when understood and applied spiritually heals prophetically? Mary Baker Eddy discovered “what” is the Science of the Christ in answer to her question as to “why” she was healed from a terminal accident in 1866. The healing resulted from her prayer based bible reading of Jesus’ healing spiritually in application of God’s Law – and in so doing she touched the Christ in a divine coincidence as to her perfection as “created in God’s image and after God’s likeness,” paraphrased from Genesis 1:26.

She went on, lifted from her death bed, to three years of intense bible study and to write the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures which together with the Bible is the “pastor” of the Christian Science church.

Her discovery in essence was to receive the lost art of spiritual healing as taught and practiced by Christ Jesus, the prophets, disciples and apostles.

John, a prophet and apostle of Jesus, stated a fundamental law of God when in I John 4:16 it states “God is Love; and he that dwelleth in Love dwelleth in God, and God in Him.” Mary Baker Eddy, in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and in answer to the question “What is God?” names seven synonyms for God – one being Love, which she later says in answering the question “What is Man?” “Man is idea, the image of Love.”

In this context of biblical scientific spiritual law our human well being is predictable as we understand God and our perfection realized in “what” – being the image of God, Love and “why” – so as to live as that likeness of God, Love.

The Church of Christ, Scientist, founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879 commemorates this lost element of spiritual healing practiced by Jesus by serving the public in providing a spiritual solution for all the ills that we encounter – anywhere, anytime prophetically – resulting from Life in and of Spirit – God!

Christian Scientists, worldwide celebrate this true freedom and the Discoverer and Founder of their church on the 100th anniversary of her life and ministry – providing an everpresent church pastor, a comforter to all mankind.

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