On 9/11

What can I say? That’s what I keep asking myself, as September 11th rolls around again. What can I possibly add to the conversation about this anniversary?

This blog is intended to comment on current events and topics of discussion from a Christian Science perspective. So what would be a Christian Science perspective on this topic?

Well, to me, Christian Science is all about healing — healing everything, no matter what it is or how overwhelming it seems. So then my question must become, As a Christian Scientist, what can I say to offer healing?

This isn’t a denominational issue. It isn’t even a religious issue. It’s a human issue. So it requires a human response. I write as a New Yorker and as an American and as a citizen of the world — one who also is a Christian Scientist with a public platform and therefore an obligation to offer a healing response.

At times like this, I find it best to search not for my own words, but for those of Mary Baker Eddy, as the best spokesperson for Christian Science. She wrote:

The vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science, is Love.

This inspires me to widen my embrace, to invite you hear from some of the many other Christian Scientists who are praying and have prayed for healing. There’s a website filled with their voices. Its home page states:

Welcome to a site designed to heal, inspire, and guide you….

Please read, explore, and find encouragement from interacting with your fellow citizens at www.spirituality.com.

And thanks for whatever you are doing or thinking each day to keep your own head above water and, by extension, to help lift us all up, out of the rubble of despair, to a place of hope and healing.

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